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Attorney Michelle Williams, “Family Law Attorney” is pleased to offer a Free Divorce Consultation to all new divorce clients….

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For you convenience, you may take advantage of your free divorce consultation by phone or by meeting in the law office.

Free Divorce Consultation

Free Divorce Consultation

To make the best decisions. “The decisions right for you.” You need the best divorce lawyer you can find and a lawyer you can trust to provide honest, sincere answers while protecting your interests during the weeks and months ahead. The best way to begin this journey is, to take advantage of our “Free Divorce Consultation”.

Going through a divorce “can” become complicated. It involves family law matters such as; spousal maintenance, child custody, child support, division of property, etc. To be sure you have the proper “attorney-client” relationship, it is important for you to meet with your attorney and for your attorney to meet with you.

To help relieve some of your fear and anxiety, we’re glad to meet with you for an initial consultation, “at no cost to you”, to answer some of your questions and enlighten you on the process involved.


The Benefits of our Free Divorce Consultation

While some attorneys only offer a free telephone consultation for new prospective clients; Michelle M. Williams Family Law Firm, offer a personal, one-on-one, in-office “Free Divorce Consultation”. There is no need to bring anything with you to your initial meeting; however, your first consultation meeting may be more productive if you bring the following information: ….

  • An already prepared; list of questions and concerns you would like answered
  • You and your spouse’s current income
  • A list of your major assets, (i.e. real estate, automobiles, personal property, etc.)
  • A list of your major debt
  • Any court orders or pleadings
  • And any other information you believe may help us understand your particular situation better .

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